Windows Clip Art, Clip Art for Mac and Even Google Clip Art

Having antennae, I’m always connected to a wireless connection somewhere. You say that the vast majority are password protected and can’t be used? And I say, give me a break (Odd expression. There’s nothing I want in my body broken…). Do you think your earthling encryption is any match for my overwhelming intellect? I thought not. By the way, you wouldn’t believe how many people use the word “password” as their password. Unreal.

So, some earthlings may ask, what operating system runs you? This makes me laugh since I must patiently answer “neither.” When it comes to dealing with operating system stuff, I wing it—I decode it on the fly.

Now why am I telling you all this? Because clip art is like me; both are operating system neutral. Despite some confusion out there, clip art doesn’t care which operating system it os on. In fact, that is how I operate. My cartoon image appears on your screen whether it’s a Mac or a PC or whatever hand held device you happen to be using[1]. Clip art comes in a multitude of formats (GIF, JPG, TIFF, etc.). Once in a format, say GIF, it can be read by computers. I think the terms Mac clip art or Windows clip art are relics of a past age.

Before the Internet (I mean, how did you earthlings survive?), clipart arrived on diskettes, then CDs. At that point in time, operating systems really mattered. A Mac can only read CDs formatted for Macs and Windows had their own formatting affectations. So you had to make sure to ask for Mac clip art or Windows clip art or you would get stuck with a mini, aerodynamically challenged Frisbee. But still differences in spite of the standardizing force of the Internet.

Clip Art for Mac

Clip Art for Mac

Confusion seems to occur because of the Pages application used on the Mac. It consists of a series of templates that contain clip art. But where are the clip art images? Well look no further. Follow these steps and you’ll see how much clip art is already on your Mac computer:

a)     Open the Applications folder.
b)     Open the iWork folder.
c)      Right click on Pages and select Show Package
. A new window called Contents will open.
d)     Then Contents -> Resources -> Templates -> Shared.
e)     The images will be in the Shared folder.

Windows Clip Art

Since Windows is used so often, any clip art is just gonna work, it’s that simple. A great place is to visit is

Google Clip Art

Why, isn’t that I mean, that’s the ultimate clip art collection. Obviously one must observe copyright laws, but it is a fast way to find what you want. Just navigate to the website containing the image you like and figure out the terms. Often when you are at that website, you’ll see another image that will work for you.

Speaking of Google, go here to see past Google doodles. One day, I expect to be featured in a doodle when earthlings finally “get” my superiority. It’ll be glorious.

[1] Get with it. Implant your handhelds in your head. You’ll be glad you did.

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