Moving Clip Art and No, I’m Not Jealous

One of my disappointments in life is that I don’t move. I’ve been after Walters to get me to move, but as always he claims to have other “priorities.” So when it came to my attention that clip art can actually move, I became quite despondent. Oh, the injustices of life! Clip art, the most generic and, I might add, the lowest on the social ladder (as I mentioned earlier), is granted the gift of movement. It’s so unfair!

How It works

When these little animated fellows came to my attention, I want to know how these guys work. How do they do that? Maybe I can learn.

Apparently, only GIF[1] files only get to move like this. An animated GIF file is not just one picture, but has lots of pictures called frames. Once the browser gets its little virtual hands on such a GIF file, it dutifully puts one frame on top of another. This then gives the illusion of motion to earthling eyes.

In fact, there is no limit in the specification on how many frames can be used. You could make a mini-movie if you wish. Of course, what happens is that the file gets very big and it becomes expensive for the server who has to supply the bandwidth costs. As in all the universe, if often comes done to money.

Really Long Moving Clip Art

I wanted to place such a really long GIF on this page and I would also like to say that Walters is too cheap to put a bandwidth eating graphic on the website. But I can’t say that since what really happened was that the file was too big to upload—Darn! So click here to see it. (You have to scroll down a bit.) The animated clip art goes on for a minute and half and is quite entertaining. And of course it’s filled with the weaponry you earthlings claim to hate but love to put in your entertainment.

Short and Sweet

Moving Clip Art

This reminds me of one of Zed’s science experiments. He’s into chemistry and hopes one day to find a cure for reality television. Good luck with that.

Moving Cat

We talked about this before. So now even cats, who don’t really have opposable thumbs, are now proudly displaying opposable thumbs. Will it ever end?

Moving BanannaAh, the banana. Its skin is apparently the funniest biodegradable substance there is. Earthlings find it funny when one member of their species slips and falls. For some reason, though, the frivolity evaporates when a lawyer is present.

If you want more moving clip art go here.

So maybe one day Walters, who I know reads this blog, will one day make me a moving clip art image. I won’t be exactly holding my breath for this to happen, but since I am static, this, unfortunately, is exactly what I will be doing…


[1] GIF stands for graphic interchange format. Are you happy now?

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