IT Comic Strip

No, my mastery of English has not degenerated into Caveman-eese; what I mean is the “Information Technology” comic strip (IT comic strip). Frankly I don’t know why Earthlings need any technology at all considering the quality of information they have available. Why bother placing all that gibberish in little elegant silicon wafers? Seems like a waste of a reasonably competent technology.

Ah, but I offer something better than the usual warmed over comic strip IT. As you probably know, I am superior to you. Of course it’s in the About Me section, but it is my duty to constantly remind you of the huge gulf of intellect that separates you and me.

Why don’t you go visit the About Me section now. I’ll wait…

Now did you see that third panel? Look at that math. Now that’s information! There it is simple, bold, informative!


If you want comic strip IT, then The Lunar Antics® is the place to visit. Most earthling marketing executives are absolutely scared to make any mention of math in any product. They are afraid they will lose the attention of the average earthling, their eyes glazing over as their limited brains fry over the simplest algebraic constructs. Well, it doesn’t matter to me. Fry away, little brains. I will show you the astounding math regardless of whether you like it or not.


But the other IT comic strip universes are quite amusing. Yes, I read Dilbert (via Robert Walters visual cortex) and I enjoy it very much. But from what I understand, Dilbert is supposed to be the sympathetic character. He seems like the usual earthling just trying to get through the day without accidentally blowing up his planet.

Frankly, the character that seems the most reasonable to me is Catbert. Unpredictable, mercurial, impervious to pleas for compromise: that’s what I relate too! However I don’t quite understand what Catbert does… He seems to be in charge of something laughably called “Human Resources.” Laughable because I don’t think earthlings are resourceful at all—in fact, their defining characteristic seems to be a deficiency in resourcefulness.

So what is this wonderful cat-earthling supposed to be in charge of? Is the adjoining room next to Catbert’s completely empty? Is the genius of Catbert that he uses his volatile management methods to obfuscate the fact that the room of resources is a phantom because, of course, earthlings are resourceless?

My esteem for Catbert only grows. Maybe Walters can draw a ruthless cat-earthling for our comic strip. I can only hope.

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