I Make My Own Game

I really don’t blame you earthlings, I really don’t. The fact that space aliens are the usual target of your violent computer games doesn’t make me make me angry in the least. After all, we are actually trying to destroy your world. Your resistance (at least in fictional settings) shows that you guys still have some self respect.

Good for you!

But I find it difficult to play your computer games, particularly the one featuring extraterrestrials. The space dudes that I encounter, well, seem more reasonable than you earthlings. In fact, I try and network with them; you never know what cross-galactic-economic-efficiencies one can cobble together. But alas, computer games are primitive tales of survival and all that networking just gets me dead.

I’m the Control Freak Around Here

But the biggest problem I have is that I’m a leader, not a foot soldier. I have no patience at all following the rules of even the most basic ethical systems, much less computer game systems. So I needed a situation where you make your own game.

But it isn’t enough to move characters around; when I make my own game I want a crack at the very fabric of existence. So when I saw the Sploder Physics Game, both of my hearts jumped for joy! (If you want to see it, you’ll have to Google it yourself. I’m not here to make your life easier; I’m here to demonstrate how superior I am to you.)

The Physics Game allows you to create objects and see how they would work in various situations. For example, if I were to blow up Earth, I always wanted to know how much the reduced drag due to the loss of gravity (no Earth = less gravity) would save me in mileage on my flying saucer. Of course that’s a little beyond what the Physics Game can do, but you get the idea what you can do on a more modest scale.

When you take enter the website to create your own game, there is an automatic tour. This is good for you slow witted earthlings and you should take your time to learn about all the building elements. The first group in the upper left hand is the tools panel which allows you to create and change objects. Then there is the attributes panel where you can change the properties of each object. There are some properties on this planet I’d like to change and these tools might do it. How ‘bout a plaid, oscillating sky?

To the left are the fun stuff, the prefab objects. This changes the behavior of the object you are building. Wanna make the robot faster and more wobbly? Then grab a tool here. The rest of the buttons are self explanatory, especially the undo button. Where would you limited earthlings be without the undo button? And of course, I never need the help button!

This game is involving and exciting. I was able to make a wobbly robot almost walk across the screen. This is a game that involves a lot of time to really understand how each element impacts each element. But I think it’s worth the time because you will develop a sixth sense of how mechanical processes work, a lasting benefit long after the video gaming years are over.

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