From Business Clip Art to Retirement Clip Art

As I have pointed out before, I am a drawing, lovingly crafted for your entertainment and sheer awe. If you need me to run, I’ll run. If you need me to jump, I’ll jump if you need a condescending look lasered in on the professor after one of his less-than-insightful observations, I will gladly comply (very gladly, actually).

But clip art is another matter. Whether its business clip art, retirement clip art even baby shower clip art, there is nothing remarkable about them because they don’t have a branding campaign behind them. Generic I believe is the word. My relation with a clip art is strained, to say the least. To a superior entity such as me, clip art characters seem, well, needy. I cringe at those awkward moments when I encounter them at wine and cheese parties; you know, the ones that you imagine boffo-types like me attending. But perhaps from my standpoint as a “dynamic” drawing I can offer some help.

Business Clip Art

Business Man with ChartI like your earthling optimism. No holds barred! The sky is the limit! A lot of business clip art reflects this with graphs showing charts with an increase in sales that even the Apple iPad would have trouble keeping up with. But you gotta dream, right?

And of course there is also the ubiquitous (I love saying that word; almost worth the visit to earth) money bag with the dollar sign printed on it.

Business Clip Art

The clip art on the right shows a man carrying such a bag. I guess the reason it’s so big is because of all the money made from that aforementioned skyrocketing sales chart. Clip art my not rise to my social circles, but they certainly seem to be nailing it financially.

Retirement Clip Art

O.K., business is over, now on to retirement. There seems to be lots of pictures retirement parties, cakes for retirement parties and people attending their retirement parties:

Retirement Clip

I guess that’s when you need a flyer to send around the office to let everyone know that so-and-so is retiring. Apparently, what so-and-so will actually be doing in retirement doesn’t need any documentation. Out of sight, out of mind I guess.

Retirement Clip Art

And signs. Lots of clip art with signs with arrows pointing to retirement as if “Retirement” was an actual place. Cute.

Baby Shower Clip Art

Baby Shower Clip ArtPink and blue. That seems to be the only colors used in baby shower clip art. That makes sense since those, from what I understand, are the official colors denoting female and male. Why this is the case remains a mystery. Some researchers performed a Google book search and determined this color association as long ago as the late 1880’s. Of course plaid, my favorite color, should be the color associated with boys.


Also there are those baby on board signs. Lots of baby on board clip arts in fact. I like the addition of the pacifier on this specimen:

Baby Shower Clip Art

So there you have a quick look at my clip art “colleagues.” Be nice to them when you use them: we all can’t be stars.

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