Free Cartoon Images and Cartoon Clip Art: My Poor Cousins

They said a picture is worth a thousand words. So why is it such a thing as free cartoon clipart? In my opinion, it should cost at least two syndicated columns. I can’t get used to your crazy earthling economy.

Of course, I’m not free! Well, this blog may be free, but if you want to see me in full entertainment mode, it’ll cost ya. But it’s not as much as you think since there appears to be some interesting deals on Amazon.

OK, so you want some free cartoon images to grace your page. Well, since they are free and Walters is “careful with his money,” why not display a couple right here? After all, it’s the least I can do for my clip art poor relations. So I will charitably allow them some precious space on my very important blog (remember, it’s all about me ) and perhaps offer some of my well chosen and customarily brilliant comments.

Free Cartoon Clip Art Examples

Free Cartoon Images

In your world of reality, starfish do not smile. And what a sad world that must be. One of the fun things about being a cartoon is that there are all sorts of anthropomorphic (big word—think you can handle it?) features that are granted to non-humans such as this particularly cheerful (and well drawn—R.W.) starfish. Clearly this little guy is happy about something. Is it that he’s posing for a picture? Or maybe he sees a girl starfish? Too much dissolved oxygen perhaps? I’m afraid I’ll never now since he can’t talk. And what a shame because with such beautiful teeth, his plosives would have been crystal clear.

Now the next clip art sample really says something about you earthlings. It was like yesterday when I first saw the opposable thumb in action, yesterday being millions of years ago. About that time, hanginThumbs Upg fruit on trees made their evolutionary debut. It turns out those who had opposable thumbs were favored by evolutionary forces because they were more easily able to pick fruit off the trees.

So the origins of your opposable thumb concern stuffing your face with food.

I know this is tough to process; that which you’re most proud of is just another instrument for between meal snacking. Apparently all the things made possible by opposable thumbs (like tools and video games) are kind of a Darwinian afterthought.

And boy, are you proud of that thumb. So many civilizations (like the one containing my friend Ner0) had similar gestures where the thumb is isolated and the rest of the fingers are closed in a fist. It’s like you’re saying to everyone, “Look at me! I have an opposable thumb! Look how high I am on the evolutionary ladder!” Really, you earthlings are so transparent.

Cartoon Clip Art

Most of the time human beings are engaged in commerce so you can avoid that hunting and gathering thing you had to do a while back. So it isn’t unusual to have some clip art concerning business situations like the man in the suit on the left.

But wait, what’s with this man’s right hand? Yes, it’s the opposable thumb again. I was looking for any old business art and here out of the blue is another situation of another earthling proudly displaying that very same opposable thumb. There’s just no getting away from it.

So this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning free cartoon images. More cartoon clip art can found on the internet where I’m sure you’ll find each a good home.

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