The Lunar Antics® Funny Cartoons FAQ

Who are these funny looking cartoons with the antennae?

They are the inhabitants of the moon. But don’t let them steal the show because The Lunar Antics® is really about us Earthlings! The moon guys are simply foils in these funny cartoons to illustrate human nature—although don’t tell them that!

What is Zeno really like?

He is really beyond words, but Zeno will still try with his own brand of blogging. The best way to get to know his complex cartoon personality is to let him tell his story, no matter how obnoxious he gets.

Who are Zeno’s colleagues?

The Lunar Antics® gang was kind enough to pose for these mug shots:

(I think they will grow on you, even though they are funny looking.)

How do I learn more?

There’s a quick way to learn more about The Lunar Antics® gang: Go here.

What is your shipping policy?

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